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cards/boxed notes

I just wanted to let you know that your cards and matches are doing incredibly well. Clients are buying 4 cards at a time. They also love the matches. We love them. It is a wonderful product.

-Phoebe G., Papier D’Amour, Australia

I am a woman who lives miles away from your experience of the world, but your whimsical art has touched my life and I LOVE IT.  An artist myself, I am moved by lighthearted works like yours.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with people like me - people you don't know. 

Sue S.

I find that everywhere I go I am finding your cards and they are my new favorites. You are so creative, and every time I need a card for a special occasion I fall in love with yours and then turn it over only to find your name.  I am now an expert and know it is your design as soon as I spot them.

Meaghan R., Seattle, WA

I discovered your greeting cards at the retail store Great Jones.  I love them.  I love the romantic style, old fashioned, yet modern.  Love the glitter.  I have used them for birthdays, weddings, baby gifts...

-Cheryl B.

I buy your cards that say 'Home is where the heart is' because I think they are absolutely fabulous to give to my clients.  Whenever I go to the shop there is only one left. I was wondering if I could order a bunch of them from you so I would always have them on hand.

Kelly S.

My husband gave me the sweetest Valentine's Day card (he always picks out great ones).  I turned it around to see the designer info on the back, and found it was one of yours!!!  I recognized the little bird before I even read your name.  I love the bug & bug, and the glittah!

Ellen P., Seattle, WA

I am the lucky recipient of a 'Thank You' card, made by your good selves.  I'd love to buy some of your range but live in the UK.  Do you have an outlet here?

Sara O.

I love, love, love, love your cards, but you know that, ha ha ha.

Beth S., Greenwich Letterpress in New York City

I saw your adorable cards in Anthropologie.  I have a custom letterpress design studio and paper boutique and I think your cards would be great in my shop.

Melanie C., Lucky Paperie in Pasadena, CA

Your cards are selling like hot cakes!!! Ok, cupcakes in my case!  Please resend the exact order I placed last time, but double the amount of each.

Susan, owner of Susiecakes in West Hollywood, CA

I own a stationery store in Denver, Colorado and would be interested in potentially carrying your line.  I recently picked up a bunch of your cards at Union Street Papery while in San Francisco.  I think your cards are absolutely charming and would love to take a closer look at the entire line.

Rosie W., The Paper Lady in Denver, CO

I bought all the Penny Girl design with the tree with the bunny and the eggs hanging from it for all of my Easter cards for my family from the shop in San Francisco called the Russian Hill Bookstore...I love that card…it is too, too sweet!

Sarah W., Portobello Road in Knoxville, TN

Thank you so much for your quick response.  I think your cards are fabulous!  I am looking forward to adding them to our assortment.

Robyn C., On Occasion in Salt Lake City, UT

Beautiful, fresh cards!

Jennifer R., Oblation Papers & Press in Portland, OR

Thanks so much for another fantastic order of cards!  They came just in time and are sure to do well.

Tim, The Art Center in Denver, CO

Love you cards and the sweetness and simplicity about them.  Thank you for the latest order. 

Dianne, The Art Center in Denver, CO