Stationery / Business Cabinet

A memorable business system includes eye-catching business cards, gorgeous letterhead, “open me” envelopes, notepads, mailing labels, pens, mugs, and more. Far from trivial, this stuff plays a critical role in your business. For example, please read our post about the huge importance of a little business card.


You wouldn’t wear tattered jeans and a dated flannel to an important meeting, correct? Same hold true for your business cabinet. Look sharp, well put-together, classy and current leaving no doubt that your company is the trusted authority. If your business is currently wearing sweatpants, mis-matched socks and a shirt with holes in the elbows, I think it’s time for a dose of Atomic Dust.



Never assume that you’ll be able to update your business cabinet AFTER that important first meeting. Nope. You get one chance to make a first impression on potential clients so make every aspect of that first impression a desireable one. You need to WOW them even after you walk out the door and they’re examining your business card, cover letter and any other leave-behinds. Be unforgettable.



This fact is what makes the world go ’round. Those that stand out with big personalities, confidence, wit and uniqueness are the ones that will be remembered and ultimately get the work. You and your company are unique and your branding and accompanying business cabinet should reflect your individual traits helping your audience see what your true colors are.


Atomic Design Lab Business Card